Visit attractions with one ticket:

  • two-day fair of artists and designers at Pałac Sztuki / Palace of Fine Arts
  • workshops for adults and children
  • program of meetings and lectures at Pałac Potockich / Potocki Palace
  • exhibitions, tours (details coming soon)

Buy the ticket

PREORDER until 15 October 2023

The condition for participation in the Fair is the electronic purchase of a ticket via the sales portal. Payments for the purchase of a Ticket are handled by a third-party payment provider, which offers the following forms of payment:

● payment card ● payment via system ● PayPal bank transfer.

During the Fair, tickets will be sold at the ticket office at the entrance on the ground floor in the Palace of Fine Arts.

Children under 15: free entry

The ticket includes admission to the events (Meetings and Discussions) at the Potocki Palace.