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Essential information for artists

Where is the Brand New Art Fair taking place?

The Brand New Art 2024 Artists and Designers Fair is a hybrid event: stationary at the Palace of Fine Arts in Plac Szczepański in Krakow and via the online gallery.

When is the Fair taking place?

The stationary event will be held from 9 to 10 November 2024 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.
The online gallery will be active from 9 to 30 November 2024.

What are the conditions for participating in the Fair?

To become a participant in the stationary fair and/or the online gallery, you must register on the website and then pass the selection of the Brand New Art Fair jury.
Please submit only the works that will be offered for sale.
Submissions will take up to 5 working days to process.
Please be patient and understanding. We will review and consider every submission.
Regardless of our decision, you will receive an e-mail with information on the qualification results.
Registration of applications will close on 15 October 2024.

Link to the registration form: LINK

What materials do I need to prepare?

The Participant must send their portfolio of artistic works in a file not exceeding 10 MB or provide a link to the online portfolio in the application form.

The selection of Participants from among the submitted entries will be decided by the Organiser based on the assessments of the Selection Jury.
Up to 3 days after receiving the decision on qualification as an Exhibitor, a set of files (reproductions) must be sent to the following e-mail address: according to the specification, which must include the following information: detailed description of the works, technique, dimensions, price, and title. A short artist bio (max. ten sentences) and a portrait photo must also be provided.
The exact requirements will be included in the Artwork Card, which you will receive in the qualification e-mail.

Limit of works for the online gallery – 8 pieces

What are the costs of participation in the Fair?

To qualify for participation in the Fair as a Participant, you must pay the full fee for the selected stand on time as specified in a transfer order or an invoice sent by e-mail by the Organiser.
The Participation Price List can be found in the Terms and Conditions.
These are all costs paid to the Organiser.
The participant has to provide their own transport and accommodation.

When do I have to be at the Fair?

The Fair will take place from 9 to 10 November 2024 from 11.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.
The Fairgrounds will be open to the public on 9 and 10 November 2024 from 11.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.
The artist must be within their stand area during the opening hours.

What kind of space will I have at the Fair?

The Participant orders a stand by specifying its size in the Application Form.
The allocation and location of the stand is at the discretion of the Organiser.
The stand is confined by exhibition walls and/or display elements. The Participant is responsible for arranging their rented exhibition space only with works approved by the selection jury.
The Organiser shall provide the possibility of renting additional equipment for an additional fee under the price list provided (tables, chairs).
The Organiser shall provide access to Wi-Fi and an electrical socket.
The Participant may not sublet or make their stand available to third parties without the Organiser’s consent.

How to prepare for the Fair?

The artwork should be ready and framed. All works should be price-tagged, and the price should be displayed and visible to Buyers.
The organiser shall provide publicity and information plates about the Artists.
The Exhibitor shall be responsible for arranging their rented exhibition space independently. However, the entire Brand New Art brigade will be on site – ready to support you in emergencies.

How to sell the artwork?

During the Fair, works can be sold:
– via cash register (cash, card) at the KASA/CASH DESK point
– via your own sales contract without the cash register
– if you have your own cash register, receipts or VAT invoices, you must register your sales and account for them.
Settlement after the Fair occurs between the Artist/Brand and the Kasa/Cash Desk.
The cash register does not issue VAT invoices.
Under Polish law and the Fair Terms and Conditions, you cannot sell work without fiscal registration.
Tax must be included in the price of the work (both VAT and income tax)

When can I bring and install/dismantle works on the fairgrounds?

The Fair premises will be available to Participants from 12.00 a.m. 8th of November 2024, and from 09.00 a.m. on the first and second day of the Fair, i.e. 9-10 of November 2024.
The Participants must complete the preparation of their stands by 18.00 p.m. on the opening day of the Fair.
Dismantling the stand during the opening hours of the Fair to the public is not permitted.
The Participant shall be obligated to dismantle the stand within 2 hours after the closing of the Fair on 10 November 2024.
As part of the essential trade fair fee, the Participant shall have the right to display their works only within the confines of the purchased stand.

Access and parking?

The Palace of Fine Arts is located in Zone A, where entering by car or parking is prohibited.
You must park on the nearest street and transfer the works on foot.

How does the online gallery work?

The online gallery is an intermediary service providing contact with the artist. It is free of charge; its purpose is to promote artists and contemporary art and to facilitate access to the purchase of original works by artists.
The Artist’s profile will include information about the artist, a description of the work, the price and a specific link to contact the Artist directly (Contact the Artist button).
If the Buyer contacts the Exhibitor to purchase the work, the Exhibitor shall be obligated to send the item/work to the Buyer within three working days.
Shipping abroad and personal collection shall be arranged directly between the Buyer and the Exhibitor.
The portal does not charge any commission for sales.

Where and when will the Fair accompanying programme take place?

We encourage you to become familiar with the programme of events accompanying the Fair scheduled for Saturday and Sunday 9-10 November, at the Bunkier Sztuki  – Art Museum in Krakow.

Do Exhibitors have to pay for admission to the Fair?

Entrance is free of charge for the Exhibitor and accompanying person (assistant, assistant).

How is the Fair promoted?

Promotion occurs via social media and advertising in the trade press, radio, and websites.
Additional advertising on SM can be purchased according to the price list in the Terms and Conditions.
The Organiser asks the Participants to share information about the fair via their own SM channels.

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